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On December 26, 2019, the FAA released a Proposed rule for remote identification on UAS (UAS is us. That’s everything we fly, be it fixed wing, heli or quad) This proposal has the potential to cripple the RC industry as we know it. The FAA will require every aircraft that you own to be registered and equipped with a remote ID devise.

The FAA is accepting comments on the remote ID proposal until March 2, 2020. It is critically important that everyone submits a comment.  Comment on what this hobby means to you. Let the FAA know what a burden, remote ID will be. Tell them a story. Make it personal. Show them you cared enough to send a comment.

……I know, who has time for that? It takes to long or I don’t know what to say. Well, if you love this hobby and you want to continue to enjoy it as much as I do, then you must do something about it. You cannot sit at a club meeting or hang out at the field and talk about how much this is going to suck. You have to make your voice heard. Show them they are wrong and you do care. SUBMIT A COMMENT.

If you don’t know what to say, then click here for a template of a comment from the AMA. You can just copy and paste the template. If you don’t want to or don’t have the time or don’t know what to say, at least do this! You may submit more then one comment and I encourage you to do so. For more information from the AMA on the this, you can click here.

As of today 2/4/2020, there are ONLY 8598 public comments submitted. Out of a couple million who fly RC in one form or another.

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The Evansville Radio Control Model Aircraft Club (ERCMAC) has been around since the 1960’s with over 100 members in our club. With such a large membership body nearly every aspect of radio controlled flight is represented by our club. We have trainers, park flyers, combat planes, helicopters, pattern, 3D, scale, warbirds, and even a couple scale turbine powered jets! We have a magnificent flying field that has a 500′ concrete and a 600′ grass runway located just off of Interstate 69 near Evansville Indiana.  We have a large meeting room for our monthly club meetings, indoor Men’s and Women’s restrooms, concession stand, 30 amp electrical hookups for RVs and many more improvements added to our field almost every year. Many of our members have volunteered their time over the years to build our site up to what it is today.

A map to our flying field can be found by clicking here. Our club is sanctioned through the AMA, Academy of Model Aeronautics.

The Evansville Radio Control Model Aircraft Club To learn more about the AMA click here. Our club hosts several events throughout the flying season. Every year we have an open house were we invite the public to try their hand at flying radio controlled aircraft.   We also have a Warbird event, a Giant Scale event, and Fun Fly events just to name a few. Our club and it’s members are always glad to have visitors and those who are interested in our hobby. You’re welcome to stop by our flying field to watch, talk to some of the pilots, and get information on how to become a member. Visitors are always welcome whenever the gate is open! If you would like more information please visit our “Contact” page for a directory of club members. You can download a Members Application form in .pdf format here. Thanks for visiting! We hope you found this information helpful and interesting. Please come back often!
GPS coordinates: 38.039342,-87.472548

 “Shot Of The Moment”

Lane McMurtry’s, Valiant

Here is a place to show off your creation. If you would like to have a picture of your plane featured in the “Shot Of The Moment” send me a picture at mrcblake@gmail.com. These pictures will be rotated frequently. Send only .jpg or .gif files under 5MB, please.