“Heli Fever Is Running Wild At ERCMAC”

The Evansville RC Club has an active group of helicopter pilots ranging in skill level from beginner to expert.  If you are an area helicopter pilot, or would like to be, we would love to have you come fly with us. We try to meet on Wednesday evenings (Heli Night) to fly our birds, fellowship with other heli pilots and share our skill and knowledge with each other. Helicopters are more difficult to fly than airplanes…but the cool factor is way up there! Visit our “learn to fly” page to learn a little bit about how we can teach you to fly and keep you and your equipment safe and in one piece. We use the same methods no matter what type of aircraft you want to master. Helicopters have become immensely popular over the past couple of years and we like to see new faces and get more people involved in this great hobby. We also love to have visitors at our field to watch, ask questions and of course learn. Stop by and we’ll be glad to show you around, get you acquainted with what’s involved and what it’s all about. FUN!

Heli Fever Is Running Wild At ERCMAC
Submitted by: Bob Alspaugh