Learn To Fly!

First and most importantly, it’s FREE!!! We have designated flight training instructors. Each student is given expert instruction that includes ground school and hands on flights the very first day! Our training methods are nearly foolproof. How you ask? Like most trainers, ours use the “buddy box” system. A buddy box is a term used to describe the linking of two transmitters (controllers) together with an electrical cord. This “link” between the two transmitters allows the student to have full control of the aircraft yet allows the instructor to retake control in the event the student needs a little help. This method lets the student fly without the fear of crashing. Much like having a co pilot in the seat next to you. This method works plain and simple. If you have ever thought about learning to fly an RC aircraft, there should be nothing stopping you now! So come on out and give it a shot! You really do have nothing to loose.

Our training program runs throughout the summer months and coincides with the time change. Tuesday evenings are our normal training nights, but most of our instructors are flexible and will work with your schedule to find a time that works for you.

The picture below shows an example of the style of trainer planes the club has on hand. If your interested in flying and your still not sure we have that covered as well. You can come out to our flying field and fly one of the clubs trainers up to three times free without being a member of the AMA or the club. You do have to be with an instructor while your flying. This lets you see if this is something you really want to do before you start spending your hard earned money. Come on out and give it a try. If you would like to request more information on our training program click here