Bob Alspaugh (AKA Zippi) Flying His TopRCModel 2M Caelus Pattern Plane 4/23/16

Larry Diamond & His BJ Craft 2M Monolog Pattern Plane 4/23/16

Aerial Video Of ERCMAC Flying Field 9/13/15

Michael DiazdelCastillo Flying His Extreme Flight 84″ Bigfoot

Tony & Matt with Tony’s Pilot RC 30cc Extra 300

Tim Pastor From Redwing RC/50cc Slick 540 6/21/14

ERCMAC Warbird Event 2014

Zippi’s H9 Carden Edition 89″ Extra 300 5/17/14

Micheal & His 3DHS 92″ Edge 50 E 4/5/14

Greg & Gary with The Extreme Flight 91″ Extra 300 EXP 4/5/14

AeroWorks 30cc Bravata, Pilot: Eric Elford 2013

Eric Alford & His Demon Rascal #2 ERCMAC Field 2013

Mike Williams & His Piper Super Cruiser 8/4/13

Scott And his Ziroli 50cc Zero At Warbirds On The Ohio 6/2/13

Chris Blake and His Top Flite Giant Scale Corsair ARF 86.5″ 01/05/13

Dave Titzer and his RC Guys AG Wagon 12/16/12

Gary And His Eagle Talon/DA-50 12/1/12

Michael and His Pilot RC Electric Extra 300 12/1/12

Mac Hodges And His B-29 Robards Ky. 9/8/12

Eric Alford And His Green Rascal 110/G26

Eric Alford And His Demon Rascal 110/YS 1.20

Mike Gretz And His Rascal 110/OS Gemini 1.20 Twin

Lowell Hobbs And His Rascal 110/G26

Chris Blake And His Rascal 110/RCG 26

Mike Fuller’sTwisted Hobbys Crack Yak-55 1/24/12

2011 ERCMAC Heli Invasion Aftermath

Aerial view of Evansville RC Club air field 3/6/10

Bryan Bakers Dawg House Yak 55 DLE 55

Tony Rawlins Dynaflight Super Decathlon With G38

Aeroworks 50cc S2 Sport Cub 2010.wmv (WMP 41.31 MB)

Bryan Bakers Table Top Landing (WMP 5.01 MB)

Joe and Jason Pearson Control Line B-17 (WMP 6.5 MB)

Mike Fuller Turbine Jet Taxi (WMP 8.56 MB)

Mac Hodges B 29 Inverted X1 Release (WMP 1.55 MB)

Joe Bayer’s 1/2 Scale Patty Wagstaff Extra (WMP 3.68 MB)

Pacific Planes Extra 260 Demo Flight (WMP 6.63 MB)

Tom Small’s Sabre 56 (WMP 3.45 MB)

Composite Manufacturing Ox (WMP 16.1 MB)

Tom Small’s Extreme Flight Yak (WMP 7.16 MB)